Lake Heather Use,
Boating, and Fishing...

Thank you for your interest in Lake Heather. Lake Heather is a private lake, owned by the Lake Heather Homeowners' Association, Inc. ("LHHA"). In order to allow appropriate use of the lake, LHHA has a permitting program and has promulgated Lake Heather Rules and Regulations. Click on the links at the left to access these. All boaters and fishermen must obtain a permit before using the lake. Permits and boat decals will be issued to those Inverness community residents and homeowners who meet the established requirements for lake use, properly complete and submit the application form along with the indicated annual fee, and agree to abide by the rules and regulations. LHHA reserves the right to amend this program for lake use at any time and also to revoke permits at any time.

Use of Lake Heather is only authorized between the Sunrise and Sunset times shown below, with up to a 30 minute leeway on each end.

Anyone on the property (lake or dry land) outside of those times is subject to prosecution for trespassing.

  Sunrise Sunset